Who does not want to be healthy??

Answer is nobody. Nobody wants to be unhealthy be it young, old, rich, poor, engineer, lawyer, laborer or even doctor.

But how many of us can safely say that we are healthy. No one!! Almost nobody can say that neither he nor his family member is suffering from any disease. It can be physical ailments like diabetes, hypertension, bones issues, and menstruation related problem or it can be mental health problem like tension, addiction etc.

In mythology Lord Budha felt overwhelmed when he saw a sick man (along with others). What he concluded that “Life is full of sorrow” if it is cursed by poor health. Famous phrase “Health is Wealth” holds still true in its letter and spirit.

As a doctor I can authoritatively say “It is not difficult to stay healthy”. We just need to act upon what we have already been taught by elders. In all the civilizations parents teaches children what should be done for healthy lifestyle and what to be avoided. Isn’t that interesting that we know the path still we fell in trap of sickness.

The most revered book in Medicine is Harrison’s Medicine. What it says “Squaring of life curve” should be attained. It means living a healthy life to as long as possible.


Unfortunately in urban lifestyle diseases like obesity,diabetes,hypertension,arthritis are the major cause of hospital visit.

Interestingly these issues can be easily reduced to minimum trouble if not completely averted. That is what called a “Healthy Lifestyle”. This is the most basic and attainable goal of life. Just a keen interest in what we should do and what we should avoid can help us in attaining this goal. Here is the key –


It is simplest illustration to attain a healthy life. In RxHealthLine we can help to attain these individual factors which are related “Individual Habit” rather any “Curse of God”. It’s our vision to help people to attain their utmost level of physical and mental health by each passing day.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your opinion on our social media pages or email us. It is not miracle it is pure science.

Dr A K Baghel


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